General Guidance on IdP Environment Sizing

Ryan Tapp Ryan.Tapp at
Thu Sep 27 14:50:01 EDT 2018

CSULB is looking for some general guidance on IdP sizing from any similar sized institution.  For the first time, we're experiencing some sporadic load issues (against LDAP from Shib).  While we are in the process of setting up some load testing using JMeter, we thought it a good idea to get some input as a baseline to see where other orgs currently operate.  We understand use and load is highly variable, but it gives us a place to start.  Doing some quick searches against the message archive doesn't really pull up anything very recent on the topic.

Our load issues began with an environment consisting of two v3.3.3 IdPs (RHEL7, Tomcat 8.5, JDK 1.8.0_181) and three LDAP servers (AD LDS), everything behind a network load balancer.  Typical fixes didn't seem to affect it and the problem comes and goes but correspond to peak traffic times.

We have about 51,000 users on SSO with about 50 services, with maybe a dozen being pretty high use.  Our learning management system is probably the highest use, at a rough average of 45,000 launches a day.

Appreciate any input while we attempt to tune our environment.

Ryan Tapp
California State University Long Beach

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