Unable to find environment attributes in tomcat application

ofaklintrafo ofa at klintra.fo
Wed Sep 19 03:07:52 EDT 2018

My service provider is communicating with my java web application using the
AJP protocol. The AJP listener is configured with the attribute

On the service provider side I have specified the following in my apache
host configuration

In Shibboleth2.xml I have added  attributePrefix="AJP_" and specified the
attribute to release as REMOTE_USER

After I have performed the login on the IDP the service provider is able to
establish a session and the remote_user attribute is propagated to the java
web application and can be accessed using request.getRemoteUser().

For debugging purposes I have a php-page on the service provider and there I
can see that the Apache session has listed several AJP-prefixed attributes.

But I can not see that these attributes are propagated to the java
application over the AJP protocol.

At least I get an empty list when I on the java-side call

What am I missing ?

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