Trouble with signature filter skipping

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at
Mon Sep 17 14:39:08 EDT 2018

On 9/17/18, 9:00 AM, "Cantor, Scott" <cantor.2 at> wrote:

> It does not take that long to startup on most systems when signatures are bypassed for the backup file. On a slow
> system it might. Either way, it's fixed startup time and restarts are not common.

I think you're actually getting confused here, in fact. Even if it does take 120 seconds, that's *parsing and download* time, *not* signature checking. If it took 2 minutes to check a signature on that size a file, you'd be doing fantastically. So I doubt it is, and that means you're seeing the normal overhead of that file size in the parser and DOM, and that *can't be fixed*. It is what it is. Use TLS instead, you're still going to see the same startup time.

With a huge amount of risky work I have no intention of doing, it would be possible to reduce 10 copies of that overhead to 1, but the minimum overhead would be whatever the single copy takes now.

-- Scott

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