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It's not totally clear what your desired workflow is to me.  Does
2.Continue simply mean the user is authenticated successfully and passed
along to the SP without any second factor but just the notice page, or must
they complete the device enrollment process and can then proceed to the SP?

If it's the latter, Duo offers inline self-enrollment and personal device
management built-in if it's enabled in your Duo configuration.  I've found
users are able to navigate the interface, especially with the help of Duo's
guide.  You can fairly easily skin the Duo page in
/opt/shibboleth-idp/views, but not the iframe portion.  You could add a
link to the guide.

It's somewhat less secure than an assigned roll-out because you're relying
on the first set of credentials to set up the auxiliary credential rather
than any other form of identity-proofing, but it does at least confer
better assurance that it's the same individual on return trips.

If it's the former, then the easiest hack approach is probably to modify
the cancellation button into a continuation button or add a third
button(again in /views).  You'll probably also have change the flow for
duo-authn-flow.xml so that "proceed" means proceed rather than validation
of the Duo response.  This involves delving into the system directory(not
generally wise).  You may have to repeat that last step if you have to
upgrade during your transition period.

A cleaner hack would be the above, but duplicate the Duo part of the system
flows, put it in the normal flows directory, give it a new name like
authn/DuoRollout, and call that in your MFA script instead of authn/Duo.

Note that this can cause your IdP to lie in the assertion and say that the
user has been authenticated with Duo when they just opted past the device
enrollment process.  Most service providers don't even check, though,
putting the onus on the IdP anyway.

Typically, MFA outreach campaigns are done as organizational educational
efforts rather than something spliced into the login process.  You might
consider something similar, and Duo has materials on hand that your
organization can use.

Hope this helps,

On Sun, Sep 16, 2018 at 11:22 AM, Amanda Cairns <amanada.cairns at>

> Our institution has recently signed-on for Duo as MFA. It's a big change
> for the users and initially we plan on running a recruiting campaign to
> alert users to register their devices in advance to go-live.
> Duo will be triggered on go-live based on group memberships (successfully
> tested and validated with 3.3.3).
> In advance of go-live, we wish to alert these same set of user to register
> their devices.
> This will be a page they will see on entering their username/password
> (similar to Duo MFA). The page will have to links --- 1. Go to device
> registrations & 2.Continue.
> I was thinking of reverse engineering the Duo plugin and repeating the
> logic, but that seemed like it could be an overkill for a simple alert
> page.
> Could there be a more efficient way that I haven't thought of yet?
> Nanda
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