Device Enrollment Screen for Duo

Amanda Cairns amanada.cairns at
Sun Sep 16 13:22:02 EDT 2018

Our institution has recently signed-on for Duo as MFA. It's a big change
for the users and initially we plan on running a recruiting campaign to
alert users to register their devices in advance to go-live.

Duo will be triggered on go-live based on group memberships (successfully
tested and validated with 3.3.3).

In advance of go-live, we wish to alert these same set of user to register
their devices.

This will be a page they will see on entering their username/password
(similar to Duo MFA). The page will have to links --- 1. Go to device
registrations & 2.Continue.

I was thinking of reverse engineering the Duo plugin and repeating the
logic, but that seemed like it could be an overkill for a simple alert

Could there be a more efficient way that I haven't thought of yet?

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