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Wed Sep 5 23:05:34 EDT 2018


I am trying to understand why DB connections exceed the value set at
maxTotal (when viewed under 'netstat -a') --- so not a Shibboleth question
directly (many here would be able to help more clearly).

We are on v3.3.3, tomcat 8, java 8 (oracle) -- we have to use DB connector
for certain events for looking up attributes (~50 DataConnectors).

Tomcat set at: JAVA_OPTS="-server -Xmx3072m"

For maxTotal --- this is the concurrent active sessions? Our DBA is
complaining she sees far more connections that the values set at maxTotal
on each of the 5 load  balanced server......trying to pin this down.

 <bean id="OracleDataSource"
class="org.apache.commons.dbcp2.BasicDataSource" destroy-method="close"
    p:url="jdbc:oracle:thin:@foo" p:username="da" p:password="nyet"
    p:initialSize="5" p:maxTotal="100" p:maxIdle="25"
p:maxWaitMillis="2000" p:testOnBorrow="true"
    p:testWhileIdle="true" p:testOnReturn="true"
    p:minEvictableIdleTimeMillis="60000" p:validationQuery="select 1 from
dual" p:validationQueryTimeout="4" />
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