Error resolving attributes

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Tue Sep 4 11:04:20 EDT 2018

On 8/31/18, 2:25 PM, "Hong Ye" <hy93 at> wrote:

> How to configure IDP to retry using the next ldap url in the list?

ldapURL reference documentation

Or you can configure a FailoverConnector.

 >The default value of noResultIsError is false. If I set it to true, will IDP display error page when this happens?

Making an error happen in a connector fails the overall resolution, which is then either masked or not by the property in A masked error just zeroes out the data and you get no attributes. Unmasked is a processing error and what happens then is up to your error handling configuration.

As a reminder, if you want a "fast" answer, as a member, please use the JIRA support desk, I won't generally get back to you on the list as quickly.

-- Scott

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