pairwise-id with "+" character

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at
Wed Nov 7 08:59:00 EST 2018

> this is IdP 3.4.1. I've combined a new pairwise-id together with a storedId
> Dataconnector. What I get is a pairwise ID like this:

That's base64, which is definitionally unsafe to use for that attribute.

> What I read from the new Comittee draft, for pairwise-IDs, only
> Alphanumerical and "-" and "_" are allowed, however this very example value
> ended up having a "+". Would it also occur with the OOTB computedId
> Dataconnector?

If you configure it to produce an invalid value. The code isn't specifically about pairwise-id, that's simply one of its use cases.

-- Scott

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