pairwise-id with "+" character

Martin Haase Martin.Haase at
Wed Nov 7 05:59:51 EST 2018

Hi list,

this is IdP 3.4.1. I've combined a new pairwise-id together with a
storedId Dataconnector. What I get is a pairwise ID like this:

        <saml2:Attribute FriendlyName="pairwise-id"

What I read from the new Comittee draft, for pairwise-IDs, only
Alphanumerical and "-" and "_" are allowed, however this very example
value ended up having a "+". Would it also occur with the OOTB
computedId Dataconnector? For an immediate fix, would it be safe to just
search/replace all "+"es with "-"es? And if this is a bug, would you fix
it the same way?



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