Deprecated warning in Data Connector

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Wed Nov 7 08:03:11 EST 2018

On 07.11.2018 13:55, Peter Schober wrote:
> * Ramon Pfeiffer <ramon.pfeiffer at> [2018-11-07 13:35]:
>> in my data connector configurations, I have a StoredId connector, that
>> requires the attribute "sourceAttributeID".
>> This leads to deprecated warnings in my log file, though my
>> understanding is that sourceAttributeID is deprecated only in the
>> AttributeDefinition element?
> My 3.4.x DataConnectors have InputDataConnector child elements (as Rod
> suggests) and no sourceAttributeID attribute anymore. That works fine.
> The documentation for DataConnectors would have to be updated with
> version-specific hints, as it currently states that a
> sourceAttributeID is required.
> -peter

Is it a StoredId Data Connector?

Trying to modify my configuration for the data connector so that is uses
InputAttributeDefinition and not sourceAttributeID anymore led to an
error during startup. The log file says: "Attribute 'sourceAttributeID'
must appear on element 'DataConnector'."



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