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Nate Klingenstein ndk at
Sat Nov 3 13:42:10 EDT 2018

Users one and all,

Requests from testers bumped ECP up the priority list for SAMLtest and it has been implemented.  Both the SAMLtest IdP and SP now support ECP, and there is a testing tool listed under "Advanced Features" on the IdP testing page.

which will take you to:

It is metadata-driven, so you will need to add valid ECP endpoints to your metadata.  The outbound request and inbound response are displayed along with a link to the SAMLtest IdP's logs.

The resulting assertion from a successful test is just displayed and not delivered; if you need, I'll add a button to also submit it to the SP.  Just let me know.

Please consider this beta, but it seems to be working pretty cleanly and catching errors alright so far.

I hope you find this useful,


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