What will happen if?

Rod Widdowson rdw at steadingsoftware.com
Thu Nov 1 13:14:27 EDT 2018

> Assuming you mean the IdP history cookie, I really don't recall. It's not generally used much, except in the context of the EDS now, but co-
> hosted it would amount to the same thing. What it's clearly going to do is at some point "fail" because it won't be able to find metadata
> for that IdP and couldn't initiate a login. So that's a given.
> It either fails at that point, or it triggers a recoverable failure that would cause it to fall through the implicit (or explicit in an older config)
> SessionInitiator "chain" and that could cause it to re-attempt discovery.

Disregarding the cookie session initiator (in the SP), but rather about the Shibboleth EDS (co-hosted to the SP):

If it looks and the cookie is for an IdP that has fallen out of the metadata it will prompt the user to choose another IdP (IsPassive permitting).  

If you are using another discover solution something else will happen of course.


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