Client persistent storage not remembering user

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at
Tue Mar 6 13:18:16 EST 2018

> The Os is Windows 10.
> At first i thought it has nothing to do with the browser but it does not work
> on Firefox nor on IE 11, but it works on Chrome 64.0.3282.

It works fine for me in all my testing on all the browsers.

> Also shibboleth is on address : https://localhost/ while the sp is on address :
> https://localhost:8443/.

I test routinely with the Eclipse testbed using localhost, it's never mattered. I would generally advise anybody who can't make that work to stop using localhost, it simply rules out issues that don't have anything to do with us.

> Now, when i debugged more carefully, I see that i was wrong. The
> shib_idp_persistent_ss is stored in Firefox. And i see the same behaviour
> than Chrome.

Even if local storage failed it would back off to cookies, though logout wouldn't work in that case. SSO still would.

I just  tested IE 11 on a never-before-used install of Windows and it worked fine with no adjustments.

> The server log are different and i am trying to debug inside :

That's far past any point where the session is involved.

> I see in the log that the behaviour is different in SelectAuthenticationFlow.
> On Firefox the authenticationContext is not the same than in Chrome. In fact
> this is the profileRequestContext which is different. But it must be filled else
> in the code.

That doesn't really resemble any possible state of affairs, none of that is browser-dependent.

> Scott, if you could give me some infos on where is decrypted the
> shib_idp_persistent_ss value (or is it a key ?).

I can't do that in an email.

> I obviously misconfigured something but what ?

There is nothing to configure other than a few properties. Whatever's wrong is local and isn't even about local storage because it would simply use cookies as a fallback.
-- Scott

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