Client persistent storage not remembering user

Thomas Colin de Verdière tdeverdiere at
Tue Mar 6 13:04:10 EST 2018

Thank you Tom and Scott

The Os is Windows 10.
At first i thought it has nothing to do with the browser but it does not
work on Firefox nor on IE 11, but it works on Chrome 64.0.3282.

Also shibboleth is on address : https://localhost/ while the sp is on
address : https://localhost:8443/.

Now, when i debugged more carefully, I see that i was wrong. The
shib_idp_persistent_ss is stored in Firefox. And i see the same behaviour
than Chrome.

The server log are different and i am trying to debug inside :
- net.shibboleth.idp.authn.AbstractAuthenticationAction
- and

I see in the log that the behaviour is different in
SelectAuthenticationFlow. On Firefox the authenticationContext is not the
same than in Chrome. In fact this is the profileRequestContext which is
different. But it must be filled else in the code.

Scott, if you could give me some infos on where is decrypted the
shib_idp_persistent_ss value (or is it a key ?).

I obviously misconfigured something but what ?


2018-03-06 16:13 GMT+01:00 Tom Zeller <tzeller at>:

> > And testing on Firefox 58.0.2
> Which OS ?
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