Version 3.4 and New HTTPConnector data connector

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at
Thu Mar 1 15:14:32 EST 2018

> I'm comfortable building a 3.4 version for my test environment and trying out
> the HTTPConnector and making sure it will work for my use case, but if it is
> not likely to be released generally for 6+ months then I would probably save
> myself time by just building a new connector to meet my current need.

I am fairly comfortable that it will be less than 6 months, but I doubt it will be 2.

I am using a backported copy of it, FWIW, in 3.3, there's just a couple of minor bits I had to strip out that depend on an API change, and I didn't copy back the Spring parsing, so I'm wiring it up by hand. I would advise that before you go off doing your own, since the overall config guts will translate pretty directly at that point to 3.4.

It is working quite well and is very full-featured. One caveat is that I had to bump httpclient/httpcore myself, the version we last shipped has some reliability issues for this use case. It has been a drop-in replacement so far without any other impacts.

-- Scott

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