Version 3.4 and New HTTPConnector data connector

Krug, Jeff Jeff.Krug at
Thu Mar 1 15:02:45 EST 2018

TLDR: Is 3.4 expected to be released 'soon' (2-4 months)?

I was getting ready to write a new data connector that would query a simple webservice and process the results, and in the process of getting started I stumbled across this documentation:

First, it's fantastic that you guys are creating documentation for future features, and then the obvious second thing is curiosity about whether 3.4 is close or not.

I'm comfortable building a 3.4 version for my test environment and trying out the HTTPConnector and making sure it will work for my use case, but if it is not likely to be released generally for 6+ months then I would probably save myself time by just building a new connector to meet my current need.


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