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Hi Bryan,

We use nelnet, but we are not using SAML (yet) for authentication to Peoplesoft.  Nelnet backchannel requests are always POSTs and all requests contain the nelnet username/password in the POST data.  Not sure if this nugget of info helps you at all.

We reverse proxy through a F5 bigip to Peoplesoft and we have an iRule that recognizes the nelnet host source IPs and examines the POST data for a valid nelnet username/password.  The iRule also uses a pattern match to restrict which URLs nelnet can request.  If all looks good to the iRule then it passes the request through to Peoplesoft, which independently checks the username/password in the POST data.

F5 supports SAML, so down the road we will likely set up SAML on the F5 and I hope that we can use an iRule or something to conditionally bypass SAML for nelnet requests, and continue to handle them as we do now.

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Fellow Higher Ed folks,

Today I learned we are engaging They are apparently  an Incommon member, so they do SAML and should understand Shib.

I spent an hour with one of our Peoplesoft system analysts trying to understand what nelnet expected.

And what I learned is that they wanted to make a call (think URL, not Restful/Webservice/SOAP) to one of our Peoplesoft content providers to get student loan/payment/parking/housing payment info. Backchannel. They provide the backend Peoplecode at the endpoint.

Via  a URL protected by our CAS SSO... Which is set up to work with people to enter credentials/MFA, not system accounts or anything web service related.

So I kindly ask for any experiences with this vendor and how I should proceed to make this project successful.

Best Regards,


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