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Alan Buxey alan.buxey at
Sat Jul 14 05:50:45 EDT 2018

>added a command line mdquery to 3.4 that will just return the >"active"
metadata for an entityID.

Will that be in the SP package too, as that would be useful - if it
returns the metadata that is currently in process and being used, then that
can be compared with what is being returned by eg MDQ when dealing with
IdPs , purging the current entity would then collect the new data for the
next interaction rather than waiting for cache timeouts


On Fri, 13 Jul 2018, 17:35 Cantor, Scott, <cantor.2 at> wrote:

> On 7/13/18, 7:47 AM, "Martin Lunze" <martin.lunze at> wrote:
> > Still looks a bit strange, all this hashes in the directory :-)
> I know, I'm still getting used to it myself. I haven't fully decided
> whether I'm happy with that or what the best way to improve it might be.
> For some people obviously, the GUI work TIER is doing will be helpful, but
> I'm not big on running web apps anymore, so I'm still thinking about it.
> Probably it just comes down to some scripts to make things easy, plus I
> added a command line mdquery to 3.4 that will just return the "active"
> metadata for an entityID.
> Most of the time that's the first debugging question to be asked.
> In my case I script most of the metadata into existence, so actually
> examining it isn't really common anyway.
> Anyway, this is where we need feedback on how to make it work better so
> play with it a while and see what you come up with.
> -- Scott
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