IdP - EntityAttributes - Predicate - Regex filter for federation SPs

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Fri Jul 13 12:34:42 EDT 2018

On 7/13/18, 7:47 AM, "Martin Lunze" <martin.lunze at> wrote:

> Still looks a bit strange, all this hashes in the directory :-)

I know, I'm still getting used to it myself. I haven't fully decided whether I'm happy with that or what the best way to improve it might be. For some people obviously, the GUI work TIER is doing will be helpful, but I'm not big on running web apps anymore, so I'm still thinking about it. Probably it just comes down to some scripts to make things easy, plus I added a command line mdquery to 3.4 that will just return the "active" metadata for an entityID.

Most of the time that's the first debugging question to be asked.

In my case I script most of the metadata into existence, so actually examining it isn't really common anyway.

Anyway, this is where we need feedback on how to make it work better so play with it a while and see what you come up with.

-- Scott

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