xmltooling patches for 2.5 versions?

Jan Vilhuber JVilhuber at absolute.com
Wed Feb 28 23:40:42 EST 2018

My apologies. For some reason I thought the xmltooling was from the shibboleth project. Someone else set me straight! Sorry for the noise.

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> > I don't suppose there are (or can be? Or will be?) patched versions of
> > xmltooling for the 2.5 release? We're still on that one, and upgrading
> > to 2.6 at this point is a slightly bigger effort. I'd really rather
> > patch the vulnerability quicker than I can upgrade to 2.6.
> From the project itself? Absolutely not. And no, upgrading should be exactly the
> same effort unless you're building from source, and if you were, you could do
> the patch yourself.
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