IdP Authentication for Google IDP with Shibboleth SP

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Mon Feb 19 10:43:42 EST 2018

* Santu Ghosh <santu201901 at> [2018-02-19 16:18]:
> Can Google IdP work with Shibboleth SP for IdP initiated flow ?

If the IDP supports SAML properly I don't see a reason why this
shouldn't work. (And IDP-initiated vs. SP-initiated probably doesn't
factor into this at all.)

> Can anyone help to figure out the IdP initiated url with above
> combination.

IDP-initiated just means using a proprietary request to the IDP
instead of a standard SAML2.0 request. I.e., it's not defined in the
SAML specification and since the IDP here is not Shibboleth this is
also not a question for Shibboleth (but for the IDP).


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