Attributes via HTTP?

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at
Mon Feb 12 15:53:40 EST 2018

> My first idea was to access a JSON service
> that can provide the information I need, but the Shibboleth documentation
> suggests that the HTTPConnector component isn’t available unless I’m at
> version 3.4; I’m at 3.2.1 and am wondering if there’s an existing component I
> can use instead of this connector from this version.  Any guidance
> appreciated.

Well, there's nothing there really, that's why I built the connector. I could have one-offed something in Javascript but I wasn't comfortable not reusing the existing HttpClient layer. Having decided to do that, I don't tend to just design for immediate need so I did something suitable for the project, which blew up rather extensively. But I ended up using a lot of that feature set, as it turns out, so it was necessary.

Functionally speaking, there's very little to nothing in the connector code that can't be backported to 3.3 (and I did that for my own purposes) but it had to be manually wired up in Spring to use it, I didn't backport any of the custom XML syntax.

-- Scott

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