Need help with shibboleth.authn.RemoteUser.externalAuthnPathStrategy

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at
Mon Feb 12 10:19:06 EST 2018

> And I was unable to get my copied files to work in the local config area.  I was only
> successful when I put my copies in the official "system" area next to the
> official remoteuser (which I know is trouble).  So I have not tried to upgrade
> yet, fearing disaster.

The same approach should work fine for the time being until you get it reworked but there would have been changes to the flow you copied, so that would be a pain to bother with.

>  I am hoping to make use of this new
> externalAuthnPathStrategy feature and get rid of my copies of remoteuser.

In which case what I would say is that UV is now a consortium member, so asking for detailed help that will require me to dig up or create examples is something you want to do in the support system, not on the list, or you're basically counting on me to notice it's from a member. I will do it for members but on the list I'll generally say "look at the examples all over the wiki for building functions and predicates".

I'll get around to it, but in the meantime at the moment nobody from UV has been put into the access list for the support system and I'll send you something off-list noting who's on the hook to control that.

-- Scott

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