Need help with shibboleth.authn.RemoteUser.externalAuthnPathStrategy

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Hi Scott,

When I upgraded from IDP 2.x to 3.2.1 I had to make copies of the remoteuser XML files with mods to the Authn/RemoteUser URL.  And I was unable to get my copied files to work in the local config area.  I was only successful when I put my copies in the official "system" area next to the official remoteuser (which I know is trouble).  So I have not tried to upgrade yet, fearing disaster.  I am hoping to make use of this new externalAuthnPathStrategy feature and get rid of my copies of remoteuser.

Stephen C. Losen
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University of Virginia
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> I would like to upgrade from Shib IDP 3.2.1 to IDP 3.3.2 and to do this I need
> to configure a bean called
> "shibboleth.authn.RemoteUser.externalAuthnPathStrategy" in
> conf/authn/remoteuser-authn-config.xml

That is not the case as far as I'm aware unless you need to use that feature. Upgrades don't require anything special unless the release notes document that they do. I don't see it listed as a "must do to upgrade". If you're having an issue, we may have a bug and have to document something.

-- Scott

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