Redirect user after login in to another application's URL

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Thu Dec 13 18:59:14 EST 2018

I don't know anything specifically about the application, but if these are
the instructions you're following, then FusionWorks Fusion has its own SP:

You wouldn't have a Shibboleth SP involved in that configuration.


On Thu, Dec 13, 2018 at 12:25 AM calvin.a <calvin.a at> wrote:

> Hello Shibboleth Users,
> I am doing integration of Shibboleth with another web application called
> LucidWorks Fusion (if anyone ever heard it). Shibboleth will be used as
> authentication before our users would be able to access the web
> application.
> Currently the flows so far is:
> - From the web application, user is able to redirect to Shibboleth IdP's
> login page.
> - Then, once authentication is successful, user is redirected to *http://<SP
> host>/Shibboleth.sso/SAML2/POST* and shown the SP's home.
> Can I know how to configure that once user is authenticated, or probably
> after going to *http://<SP
> host>/Shibboleth.sso/SAML2/POST*, user is redirected to a certain URL from
> the web application?
> The requirement from this web application is to go to their designated url
> (*http://<fusion app
> host>:8764/api/saml*) in order to finish the process.
> I am trying to modify the /shibboleth2.xml/, IdP metadata, and/or SP
> metadata file, but it does not seem to work. Are there configurations I
> need
> to do instead?
> Thank you.
> Best Regards,
> Calvin
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