How to configure multiple IDPs in Shibboleth

Ron Harris neo204011 at
Wed Aug 29 04:56:27 EDT 2018

I have installed shibboleth 3.0.2 version. I am hosting a single page
application, which needs to be protected through ADFS login. There are two
ADFS for different set of users.

I have few queries as how to achieve this.


   How can i configure two IDPs in shibboleth2.xml file. element is allowed
   only once. I have provided two tags with different metadata file but when I
   click the link,
   it shows me two "entityID" elements with same IDP provided in .

   How does system work with two IDPs. What should be the process to
   identify when to call which IDP. Like with single IDP, I can do something
   like below in my Apache configuration. Whenever the context path is hit,
   apache will redirect the call to shibboleth, and shibboleth to IDP.

<Location /my-first>
  AuthType shibboleth
  ShibRequestSetting requireSession 1
  require valid-user

But I am bit confused, as when there are more than one IDP, how to decide
which one gets called.

Can you help me with the above queries.

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