Shib idp v3.3.3 with CAS plugin warning

John Gasper jgasper at
Tue Aug 28 14:00:26 EDT 2018


As Scott mentioned, please open a ticket And please try to include more details than you did here, a .har file would be ideal. This sounds more like a local deployment issue than a plugin issue/bug with the jsp file.


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    Subject: Shib idp v3.3.3 with CAS plugin warning
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    Unexpected behavior .... when a user logs in via idp using cas plugin, they
    get into the sp fine. But if they click on back space they get taken to a
    github page:
    As if that is not bad enough, the URL has our domain in it but it obviously
    is not us that his hosting this git repository.
    If you installed the cas plugin, you probably have
    that has bad code in it. You probably do not want this.
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