troubleshooting attribute release for idp 3.3.3

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Sat Aug 25 17:20:02 EDT 2018

* Scott Koranda <skoranda at> [2018-08-25 11:47]:
> > * Pablo Vidaurri <psvidaurri at> [2018-08-25 02:37]:
> > > How can I troubleshoot attribute resolution and filtering?
> There is a command line tool.

The aacli is great. It just doesn't tell you /why/ something doesn't
leave the IDP, only /that/. Which the OP already seems to know.

Otherwise fully +1, testing/verifying config changes has become a
breeze with reloadable services (e.g. edit the resolver config &
reload the resolver) and a quick aacli run.


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