troubleshooting attribute release for idp 3.3.3

Scott Koranda skoranda at
Sat Aug 25 05:47:24 EDT 2018

> * Pablo Vidaurri <psvidaurri at> [2018-08-25 02:37]:
> > How can I troubleshoot attribute resolution and filtering?

There is a command line tool. See

>From that page:

"The IdP includes a greatly improved version of a command line tool
included in previous versions called "aacli", which stood for Attribute
Authority Command Line Interface. In V3, the command line tool is a
wrapper around a web interface that operates an administrator flow that
runs the Attribute Resolver and Attribute Filter services, and produces
output in various forms."

The tool will allow you to mimic the attribute release for a particular
principal (user) to a particular requester (SP).

Scott K

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