Shibboleth SP and Azure AD IdP

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[Andy Swiffin>] ...
> We've recently done some experimentation with a test Shibboleth SP
> against Azure AD with some success, it's authenticating and receiving
> attributes OK ("It's SAML Jim, nearly as we know it").

Only "Some success"? Anything that didn't work or was overly difficult? I'm not aware of any issues here, the only thing you'll need to to is mapping of weird attribute names to internal IDs, no?
[Andy Swiffin>]

Scottish reserve.  I will change that to considerable success, with the caveat you mention.

> Has anyone here done this, any experience in customising attribute
> release?

"Attribut release is the IDP's job. Since the IDP in this case is not Shibboleth this is not a topic for this list."

[Andy Swiffin>]
Which is why I asked such people to correspond directly with me,  in the hope that as the Shibboleth SP is in-scope for this list there may be such people on here.
Is there anyone?

Andy Swiffin

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