EduGain Metadata integration

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Tue May 23 11:55:25 EDT 2017

* Rod Widdowson <rdw at> [2017-05-23 14:28]:
> The indications are a broken installation.  Against my nature I
> spelunked into the link you reference and it is also out of date…
> The latest release of the aggregator is 0.9.2 and the link in that
> document is for which was released 4
> years.

In fairness, the referenced document states:

  "In the following, we assume that the latest version of the metadata
   aggregator is 0.8.0. Please perform a search-and-replace on this
   document in case a newer version is available. If the version
   number differs from 0.8.0 the configruation in mda.xml may have to
   be adapated. Please inform the author if you find inconsistencies
   in newer versions."

(As for the last sentence this page here has contact information: )

And in step 4 states:

  "Download latest version of the Shibboleth Metadata Aggregator Command
   Line Interface:"

So try with the actual latest version!

> Inference: The link is rotten & the documentation is irrelevant.

Raja V: Can you please try with the latest release of the Shibboleth
MDS software and then report back here? You'll find it here:

Personally I'd start over from scratch, removing all files and MDS
software you previously downloaded, then performing the documented
steps, only this time using current MDS software.


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