EduGain Metadata integration

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Tue May 23 08:27:49 EDT 2017

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>Subject: EduGain Metadata integration
>I have followed the link to integrate edugain metadata. 
>I am getting the below error while running the test script. 
> [...]
>  nested exception is java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:

I'm assuming from a supplied path (file:/opt/eduGAIN-Metadata-Processing/bin/../config/mda.xml) that this is a unix system and by a leap of intuition you are trying to deploy the MDA (I spent the first 5 minutes assuming it was the IdP).

The indications are a broken installation.  Against my nature I spelunked into the link you reference and it is also out of date…  The latest release of the aggregator is 0.9.2 and the link in that document is for which was released 4 years .  

Inference: The link is rotten & the documentation is irrelevant.

We do not support other people's documentation (we scarcely have funds to support our own).    You'll need to contact the publisher of the document or work from the supported documentation and interpolate what the broken link is trying to do.


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