Session timeouts or caching problems behind proxies

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at
Tue May 16 09:44:24 EDT 2017

> But some of our (testing) customers (from other organisations) are
> facing problems with session timeouts and/or the application seems to
> loose the session but does not refresh the authentication but seems to
> load content partially from their proxy. We are not sure about the real
> reasons, but are there any known issues /weired behaviours when behind a
> (caching?) proxy and accessing Shibboleth secured Web-Applications?

An infinite number. That's not enough to go on. Address issues, cookie issues, network timeouts, a million things.

> What could be reasonable steps to further incestigate the problems?

Lots and lots of tracing of traffic and direct observation. It's generally never done so there are no follow ups to to these sorts of questions and I have no idea what to tell anybody about it.

The recent thread on the IdP and replay errors is an example where there was at least some follow up to understand what was going on and what might be done about it. You'll find a thousand threads on "timeouts" in the archive that purport to claim things don't work right for some situation and the end result is either no response or finding out it was misconfigured in some way. There's never any real explanation of what the issues were.

-- Scott

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