Session timeouts or caching problems behind proxies

Dr. Marco Lechner mlechner at
Tue May 16 04:52:56 EDT 2017


we are introducing Shibboleth in our authentication environment. Our
first applications work well from inside our department (incl. several
locations) and from @home as well.

But some of our (testing) customers (from other organisations) are
facing problems with session timeouts and/or the application seems to
loose the session but does not refresh the authentication but seems to
load content partially from their proxy. We are not sure about the real
reasons, but are there any known issues /weired behaviours when behind a
(caching?) proxy and accessing Shibboleth secured Web-Applications?

What could be reasonable steps to further incestigate the problems?


Dr. Marco Lechner
Bundesamt fuer Strahlenschutz / Federal Office for Radiation Protection
SW2.1 Koordination Notfallschutzsysteme / Coordination Emergency Systems
Rosastrasse 9 | D-79098 Freiburg | Germany
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