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> What is the relationship between [idp-home]/flows/authn/ and [idp-home]/system/flows/authn/ ?

Custom login flows can be put into the former to maintain the expected naming conventions, and the former also contains a set of fairly ugly hooks inside the password flow for handling certain custom conditions. While I don't think it's going to be deprecated, it isn't usually the best way to accomplish something. The latter is where all the login flows that come with the IdP are stored.
> In the new out-of-the-box Duo for IdP 3.3.1, what places contain the Duo pieces that need to be edited? 

I think I documented all that in detail.

> Is there anything else that needs to be modified to achieve minimal working functionality?

No, but the MFA rules are going to depend on your site's requirements. The example is not usable by, well, really anybody. 

-- Scott

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