IDP on Tomcat 8.5.x

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For what it's worth (as the original reporter of the early 8.5 release issue), we haven't gotten back around to testing our deployment on 8.5.X again yet, but have seen numerous regression fixes come across Tomcat Announce with respect to the 8.5.X release path. It's entirely possible that we ran into one of those issues, though I haven't been able to pin it to any one of them specifically.

The behavior only manifested under real-world load, so to test this again we'll have to roll 8.5 out to our production tier. We'll likely do this in the coming weeks (once finals wrap) and I'll report back with any behavioral quirks we see.


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Sure - all I did was add:

<CookieProcessor className="org.apache.tomcat.util.http.LegacyCookieProcessor" alwaysAddExpires="true"></CookieProcessor>

in to /etc/tomcat/context.xml. There are other ways of achieving similar results with certain caveats. The docs on the Tomcat website explain in detail:


Apache Tomcat 8 Configuration Reference (8.5.13) - The ...<>
The CookieProcessor element represents the component that parses received cookie headers into javax.servlet.http.Cookie objects accessible through HttpServletRequest ...

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> (adding a CookieProcessor to context.xml to add an Expires field on
> to cookie because certain browsers not handling the Max-Age field)

Do you have a short how-to on this issue? - seems like the IE 11 still has this problem (for a test see:
Cookies test - Peter Coles<>
Home Cookie Test Demo: max-age vs expires. Each test below sets a cookie with some combination of the "max-age" or "expires" parameters. It turns out that Internet ...

Kind regards.

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