IDP on Tomcat 8.5.x

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Sure - all I did was add:

<CookieProcessor className="org.apache.tomcat.util.http.LegacyCookieProcessor" alwaysAddExpires="true"></CookieProcessor>

in to /etc/tomcat/context.xml. There are other ways of achieving similar results with certain caveats. The docs on the Tomcat website explain in detail:


Apache Tomcat 8 Configuration Reference (8.5.13) - The ...<>
The CookieProcessor element represents the component that parses received cookie headers into javax.servlet.http.Cookie objects accessible through HttpServletRequest ...

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> (adding a CookieProcessor to context.xml to add an Expires field on
> to cookie because certain browsers not handling the Max-Age field)

Do you have a short how-to on this issue? - seems like the IE 11 still has this problem (for a test see:
Cookies test - Peter Coles<>
Home Cookie Test Demo: max-age vs expires. Each test below sets a cookie with some combination of the "max-age" or "expires" parameters. It turns out that Internet ...

Kind regards.

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