Shibboleth 3.3.1 install on brand new Windows Server

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Mon May 8 12:41:50 EDT 2017

* Morris, Andi <amorris at> [2017-05-08 17:06]:
> I've since found that the jetty daemon starts up with no issues if
> it is run as root. This obviously isn't ideal. I'm digging through
> config at the moment trying to workout why it doesn't run as the
> jetty user.

What port are you trying to have Jetty listen on? If anything < 1024
(443, most commonly) you'll find several detailed descriptions here:

That still needs to be copied/moved to the IDP30 wiki space, and the
examples are using Tomcat, but the iptables/firewalld, jscv or POSIX
capabilities approaches can certainly be adapted for Jetty on CentOS.


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