CAS and HTML local storage

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at
Fri May 27 11:49:36 EDT 2016

> Yes, happens with completely empty profile on IE and Firefox.

I definitely cannot reproduce that unless it's happening as a consequence of the CAS flow.

> We would like to use it for consent storage with SAML. Is it possible to
> enable it only for SAML endpoints?

No, you enable it for consent specifically, which I imagine you did.

> Yes, session-manager.xml is untouched. I guess I could comment
> <ref bean="shibboleth.ClientSessionStorageService" />
> but
> <ref bean="shibboleth.ClientPersistentStorageService" />
> is needed for consent storage, right?

Technically yes, but at that level it doesn't really matter.

-- Scott

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