Redis as Storage Service for SP

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Wed May 11 07:18:01 EDT 2016

* Tom Wezepoel <tom.wezepoel at> [2016-05-11 12:59]:
> Unfortunately I'm not a developer


> Tom Wezepoel
> System Programmer

I think someone with the depth of pockets like SURF* will not have a
difficult time finding (or hiring) someone to do what you think is
simple work anyway:

> but I think the changes in the code will not be very large, because
> the way of saving keys in Memcached is very similar to Redis.

But maybe your ownCloud deployment can be configured to only rely on
ownCloud's own session (after bootstrapping initially that from a Shib
session): If you don't enforce shib sessions for the whole web server
and leave session checking and establishment to ownCloud (that might
all be the case already) you also wouldn't have to cluster the SP's
session at all. (Unless you believe in SLO, that is.)

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