Redis as Storage Service for SP

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Wed May 11 06:58:53 EDT 2016

Hi Guys,

Thanks for your replies!

In our search to a cluster solution for Memcache, we didn't come up with mcrouter. 
So, thanks for your reply Jarno. We will investigate to see if this solution is suitable for our environment.

Scott, sorry to hear that there are currently no plans to develop Redis support for Shibboleth, where apparently more people are looking for this solution. 
In my opinion, Memcache is kind of dead, while Redis these days is a more suitable solution which is also developed with clustering and HA in mind.

In an earlier comment you noticed: Applications already require clustering, and most applications already have their own sessions, so you don't bother with the SP session after its created.
We're using OwnCloud in combination with Apache, in which we're using Shibboleth for the single sign-on authentication. OwnCloud supports Redis as memory cache solution, but for the authentication sessions I'm afraid I'm still depending on the options which Shibboleth provides.

I understand your point about; "the people asking for new code projects would be funding the project.". But how many time do you think it will take to implement Redis support?
Unfortunately I'm not a developer, but I think the changes in the code will not be very large, because the way of saving keys in Memcached is very similar to Redis.

In anticipation of your reply.

Kind regards,

Tom Wezepoel

System Programmer
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> > What about in the case (that is identified in the docs), when SPs need
> > to make artifact queries to the IdP?
> That doesn't have anything to do with the SP's clustering.

(One caveat, I guess, is that the replay cache does get used to enforce non-replay of artifacts. Yes, in a perfect world the replay cache would be usable across a cluster. In a perfect world, the people asking for new code projects would be funding the project.)

-- Scott

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