SP v2.5.6 transient id error

Mr. Christopher Bland chris at fdu.edu
Mon May 9 21:39:02 EDT 2016

Hi Peter,

Thanks for the direction.  It was the cookieProps setting.  Fixing that allowed me to verify that my SP is working properly in /secure.  Unfortunately that was step one in dealing with the login loop in Wordpress.  I am going to submit a new post with the right subject.


> On May 9, 2016, at 3:50 AM, Peter Schober <peter.schober at univie.ac.at> wrote:
> * Mr. Christopher Bland <chris at fdu.edu> [2016-05-09 00:20]:
>> I  just installed a new v2.5.6 SP on RHEL6 to talk to a v2.4.2 IDP.
>> The SP is setup like other SPs on campus.  However I keep getting an
>> infinite loop between the SP and the IDP.  From what I can tell
>> there is a breakdown processing the transient  id.
> The DEBUG log entries from your SP have nothing to do with the loop.
> You'll see they will be there for any successful access attempt (on
> any other of your SPs on DEBUG), too.
> Check the documentation on how to resolve this: SHIB2 wiki space ->
> Troubleshooting -> SP: Looping.
> -peter
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