SP v2.5.6 transient id error

Peter Schober peter.schober at univie.ac.at
Mon May 9 03:50:38 EDT 2016

* Mr. Christopher Bland <chris at fdu.edu> [2016-05-09 00:20]:
> I  just installed a new v2.5.6 SP on RHEL6 to talk to a v2.4.2 IDP.
> The SP is setup like other SPs on campus.  However I keep getting an
> infinite loop between the SP and the IDP.  From what I can tell
> there is a breakdown processing the transient  id.

The DEBUG log entries from your SP have nothing to do with the loop.
You'll see they will be there for any successful access attempt (on
any other of your SPs on DEBUG), too.

Check the documentation on how to resolve this: SHIB2 wiki space ->
Troubleshooting -> SP: Looping.


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