Redis as Storage Service for SP

Jarno Huuskonen jarno.huuskonen at
Wed May 4 05:04:11 EDT 2016


On Wed, May 04, Tom Wezepoel wrote:
> At SURF in the Netherlands we provide a Sync&Share solution for higher education based on OwnCloud in combination with Shibboleth authentication.
> The Shibboleth sessions of all users are currently stored in a Memcached Caching system and in combination with Repcached we have a kind of replication.
> Unfortunately, the number of keys on the master and the replica are not always in sync. Next of that, the Memcached project seems to be dead.
> These days Redis is a more common solution for this kind of storage, which is also designed to be deployed in a clustered setup.

Have you tested mcrouter( instead
of repcache ? Maybe AllSyncRoute/MissFailoverRoute would keep memcached
servers in sync.


Jarno Huuskonen

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