Redis as Storage Service for SP

Tom Wezepoel tom.wezepoel at
Wed May 4 04:46:09 EDT 2016

Hi all,

At SURF in the Netherlands we provide a Sync&Share solution for higher education based on OwnCloud in combination with Shibboleth authentication.
The Shibboleth sessions of all users are currently stored in a Memcached Caching system and in combination with Repcached we have a kind of replication.
Unfortunately, the number of keys on the master and the replica are not always in sync. Next of that, the Memcached project seems to be dead.
These days Redis is a more common solution for this kind of storage, which is also designed to be deployed in a clustered setup.

However, I could not find if Shibboleth has support for redis in the documentation and the wiki, next of Memcached implementation.
Do you know if Redis support is on the roadmap to be developed or maybe already supported with a patch or module?
Next of that I'm interested in what kind of storage solution you used for the Shibboleth sessions?

In anticipation of your reply.

Kind regards,

Tom Wezepoel

System Programmer
SURFsara | Science Park 140 | 1098 XG Amsterdam |

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