How to configure multiple RemoteUser Auth URLs on IDP v3 ?

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at
Fri Apr 29 12:51:39 EDT 2016

> In case anyone finds this useful, I configured a second RemoteUser auth
> method into IDP 3.2.1. I basically copied all the configs I could find for
> RemoteUser in whatever files I found them. Forgive me if this wasn't the
> best way to do it, but it worked for me.

It's fine, it's just not guaranteed to work after an upgrade, which you noted.

> I copied system/flows/authn/remoteuser-authn-flow.xml to
> system/flows/authn/remoteuser-enhanced-authn-flow.xml and made
> these changes to the new file:

That however is not required. You can copy them into the user-defined flows area so that you don't lose them, and that's all documented in various places where the documentation discusses custom flows.

You could have avoided touching webflow-config.xml and basically touched nothing in system/, only copying things out of it.

-- Scott

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