Reading HandlerURL value in PHP

Aaron Howell aaron.howell at
Wed Apr 27 23:13:44 EDT 2016

For some time I have been telling our web developers how to initiate a shibboleth login via /Shibboleth.sso/Login. However today that is biting me. Operating an application behind a load balancer on a set of servers - but now needing to separate one path out to a subset of servers while retaining the current URL.

So example:

  * -> server-1,server-2
  * -> server-3,server-4

I can set the handlerURL of server-3,server-4 to be "/some_app/Shibboleth.sso/" and simply handle the server selection at the Load Balancer based on starting with  "/some_app" - however the application still initiates a login request to /Shibboleth.sso/Login - so would also require an application change.

I was wondering whether mod_shibboleth was able set some CGI variable for the value of the HandlerURL, so that instead of hard coding this value in PHP code, we could retrieve the value via a variable (much like Shib-Identity-Provider etc). Making applications more easily movable between different server setups.


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