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Hi Scott-

Thanks for the quick reply and the sanity check. I'm not overly concerned
about learning the SWF side of things, I just wanted to make sure I wasn't
chasing my tail; I wasn't clear if Flows were intended to be
authentication-only or could be used in the manner I described.

I'll review the 3.3 snapshot and the files/links you've suggested.


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On Wed, Apr 27, 2016 at 7:55 PM, Cantor, Scott <cantor.2 at> wrote:

> On 4/27/16, 7:44 PM, "users on behalf of Aaron Cargo" <
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> >I recall reading something on this list about post-authentication
> workflows (similar to how attribute consent works?) but can't seem to
> locate documentation that describes this in a way that correlates in my
> head to what I'm looking to do.
> I'm not sure I can point you anywhere you haven't seen, but...
> And more recently on the development side,
> >1. Is the IDP the correct place to attempt this? Or am I barking up the
> wrong tree?
> Well, I'm not going to get into "correct", but if you want to do it, you
> can.
> >2. Is 'post-authentication workflow' what I'm looking for here, and if
> so, is that the correct terminology to be researching?
> They're called "interceptors" (or "intercepts" every time I forget the
> actual name in the code), and the ones that run after authentication are
> the ones that are the most useful and least risky to screw around with.
> They're Spring web flows. If the existing examples aren't usable, you have
> to learn enough Spring and SWF to be able to write one, that's just how the
> system is built. It's not hard, but if you're not a Java person, or don't
> have time to learn the ins and outs, it isn't an automatic thing. This just
> isn't a scripting language based system.
> >3. Does anyone have any experience implementing something along these
> lines, and have any suggestions/feedback/"gotchas" to share?
> I have lots. I added one to the trunk that's not in the documentation yet
> that checks for an expiring password attribute and displays a page in the
> middle of the flow, as yet another example people can copy, and that's a
> simpler example of one that includes a view template than the attribute
> consent one is. It's in the 3.3 snapshot build.
> I can't really just teach you SWF in an email, it's just not that simple
> to explain. What you're after here isn't hard, it would involve writing a
> Java bean that implements our ProfileAction interface to query your
> service, and then signal an event to the flow definition that would branch
> to an externalRedirect to somewhere else, with a parameter that includes
> the flowExecutionUrl variable that resumes the flow to pick it back up.
> You could see an example of that particular idea in the External authn
> flow (system/flows/authn/external-authn-flow.xml), close to that anyway.
> -- Scott
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