Incorrect link in Shibboleth IDP 3 RemoteUserAuthnConfiguration wiki page?

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at
Tue Apr 19 11:14:46 EDT 2016

> has a link called "parameters" that refers back to this same URL.  However,
> the surrounding text implies that "parameters" refers to another page with
> details about configuring parameters for the RemoteUser servlet.

Not sure what happened there, but the parameters never got documented, I fixed it. In future, just use Jira if you find a substantive bug or gap in the documentation, or if it's a typo you can just fix it yourself.

> I am using jetty with apache httpd as a reverse HTTP proxy and I need to pass
> the REMOTE_USER variable from httpd to the IDP in a HTTP header.  I was
> able to figure this out after much googling. I suspect that the "parameters"
> link should lead to the information that I needed.

I'm not sure how you even found it by searching unless you found the source code.

> Some related information: jetty 9.3 now has a "http-forwarded" module that
> is configured for the HTTP headers X-Forwarded-For,  X-Forwarded-Proto,
> and friends. I used it in place of the "http" module (which "http-forwarded"
> extends) and it works great.  Might be worth a mention in the Jetty 9.3 setup
> wiki.

I don't know it, so if you do, I'd suggest you just add it.

-- Scott

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