IDP 3 attribute-resolver.xml, unable to avoid XML warnings

Losen, Stephen C. (scl) scl at
Tue Apr 19 09:48:46 EDT 2016

Hi Rod,

Thanks for the explanation.  I also have an AttributeDefinition of type "Script" with about ten "Dependencies" and I removed the "sourceAttributeID" and it works just fine, no warnings at all.  (I got a warning before I removed "sourceAttributeID".)  Perhaps you could configure the "Mapped" type to work the same as "Script" since they both allow multiple dependencies.  If not, no big deal, now that I know that my config file is OK.

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>  Is there a correct way to do this that does
> not result in warnings?


I added the warning because of the gun-bullet-foot capability which is
inherent here.  Unfortunately there are cases when this is the correct thing
and you've hit one - I just didn't envisage this case when I added the
warning.  I know of at least one other site which has the same issue.

I want to fix this by fixing how Dependencies work (for that is where the
issue comes from).


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